The first meetings of Avery United Methodist Church were held in an old school house in 1843.  The members soon became disenchanted with the accommodations, so they began plans for a new building.  Jonah Vandervort donated the land for the new facility, located east of the school house, upon which the church was built.

The plans for the "subscriptions" (pledges) for the building mateerials and to pay the workers were set into motion.  The original foundation was built for $98; the frame of the building cost $18; rafters, lath, and shingles were erected; the weatherboarding ws planed and put on place; the floor was laid; doors and window frames put in - all for $78.  Sound inexpensive?  We have to remember this all took place in 1843 - over 150 years ago!

The amount of money the members hoped to raise for the building fund was $300.

The need was strong for acquiring of money to finish the construction.  Peter Laishley, during his travels to Pittsburgh, became acquainted with Charles Avery, a wholesale druggist in the Pittsburgh area.  Avery's reputation as a strong advocate of the Methodist Church may be what prompted Mr. Laishley to ask for his help.  Mr. Avery was asked to contribute $100 toward the construction costs and "in his honor and for his liberality the church was named".

The west wing, approximately 28 x 20 feet, was added to the church in 1954.  This housed the Pastor's Study and the Parlor.  The bell steeple was also added at this time.

The Fellowship Hall and six Sunday School Classrooms were added to the lower level of the church between 1963 and 1964.

A building program enlarged the santuary to twice its former size, added Lynch Chapel and two Sunday School rooms.  These, along with the new furnishings, were dedicated on Demember 12, 1982.

On May 7, 2006, a Ground Breaking Service was held for our new church on the hilltop.  The construcion of our new building was a church-wide effort.  Five men of the church laid all of the exterior brick work; various members did interior painting and varnishing.  Others helped by supplying lunch for the workers.  Sunday, September 30, 2007 we held a closing service at the former church then marched to our new building to have our first service.  A picnic and music followed the opening service.