New Visitors

Avery is a very welcoming church and we would love to see you this Sunday!  Here are a few highlights of what you can expect at Avery:


At Avery, you may dress as you feel comfortable.  You will find a wide variety of dress.  Overall, you will find "dressy casual" as the general theme.  You won't see many blue jeans, but you won't see too many ties either.  Of course, everyone is welcome despite the type of clothes they decide to wear. 

Children and Nursery

Children are very welcome at Avery United Methodist Church.  Children are welcome to take part in most aspects of worship and study at Avery.  During worship services, children are invited to take part in a "Children's Time" hosted by the pastor during each service.  In the Children's Time, children are invited to walk to the front of the church where the pastor sits and discusses a subject with them as a small group.  The children's sermon concludes with a prayer in which the children participate. 

Avery also has a nursery for children up to the age of 4 that is staffed by a minimum of two persons at both services.  Young children are welcome to come to the nursery allowing parents the opportunity to worship while knowing their little ones are well cared for.  Of course, children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary during the worship service as well!

Children's Church

Following the Children's Time at the 11:00 a.m. worship service, children ages 5-9 are invited to gather in Room 1, next to the nursery, for Children's Church.

Personal Listening Systems

For those who may have difficulty hearing the worship service, the church has personal listening systems available.  To use one, simply stop by the sound booth (located near the rear of the sancturary) and ask for one.

Response Card


Each pew has response cards available for visitors to complete to let the pastor know you participated in services at Avery.  Please feel free to complete the card to let us know what you thought of our church and what we can do to make you a part of it!


If you happen to come to Avery your first time when communion is part of the worship remember that all are welcome at God's table.  Communion is an act to be shared by everyone, not only those who may be long time members of Avery.  If you find communion to be part of the service feel welcome to participate. 

Communion is typically served on the first Sunday of each month and during some special services.


There are no assigned pews or seating within the church.  Please feel free to sit anywhere you feel comfortable. 


There is plenty of convenient parking at Avery.  There are also many spaces designated for those who may be handicapped in some way.

Social Time

At the conclusion of the first service at Avery, persons are welcome to gather in the entry hall for coffee, juice and fellowship.  The coffee and the juice are provided by the church.  We all provide the fellowship. 

Sunday School


At approximately 9:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings Avery hosts educational classes.  These classes last approximately one hour.  Classes are available for persons of all ages, from nursery school children to the most senior adults.  Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge of Christ and to fellowship with one another.  For information on the classes that are available, please ask the Pastor or contact the church office.

Opportunities for Ministry

We have many events during the week, please see our "Opportunities for Ministry" listed inside.